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I just finished episode 10 and jeez, this show is just too gorgeous! It makes my heart ache! And though the focus of the show has been the story a bit more than the characters its nice to slowly learn and care more for them, just like how Eun Oh and Arang are naturally growing closer. However, episodes 9-10 slowed down and gave more insight into what makes them tick. Eun Oh isn’t just a typical cold kdrama lead with a hidden fuzzy side. He’s actually never really had a mother. He did everything he could to be her son, but she was too wrapped up in her pain to be there for him. Despite, her huge failings he feels guilty and wants to give her the peaceful life she never had. Eun Oh’s true nature is generous. Even  after finding out his time with Arang  would be short, instead of shutting her out he wants be good to her now and then send her to heaven.     

    Now, Arang is kinda dense. Don’t get me wrong. She’s brave, independent, honest, and thoughtful, but she’s a bit blank. This makes sense considering her amnesia, but its like everything about human relationships was wiped from her memory. Her perception of the world is entirely built on her ghost years. I fully realized this when she asked Eun Oh why’d he want to find his mother if he hated her. Later, she asked him if a father is someone who blocks bad things. Wow. This leads me to consider who she used to be. I want to know more about Lee Seo Rim. Why did she shut herself up in her room and how did she come be murdered? I remember hearing that she always covered her face with a veil when she went out. Weird. Will Arang change if she gets her memory back or is her personality now similar to her old self? Fortunately, tomorrow is Wednesday!

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