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The other night I had this weird idea to recap Arang and the Magistrate just using haiku poems. I was inspired by Lee Seo Im’s poems in ep. 12 and also by a WANK challenge that Simon and Martina did on their eatyourkimchi channel. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a poet, but I thought it would be kinda bizarre and fun to do.

What I didn’t get to say about this episode, was that it was ACTION-PACKED with the perfect combo of suspense, angst, and funny. Also, is Lee Jun Ki wearing eye-liner? His eyelashes are short, but look darker. He is SO PRETTY and manly. Gahhhh!!!

Here is my review of Arang and the Magistrate, episode 12. Check it out. Or not. Whatever you wanna do.

Hey, folks! I made my first ever Youtube video.  I decided to start recapping Arang and the Magistrate. Please, please, PLEASE go see it and leave your comments. Please be nice, because my skin is like those peaches Arang loves so much 🙂  Here’s the link!


Screen caption from episode 10 at dramafever.com Click on picture to watch!

I just finished episode 10 and jeez, this show is just too gorgeous! It makes my heart ache! And though the focus of the show has been the story a bit more than the characters its nice to slowly learn and care more for them, just like how Eun Oh and Arang are naturally growing closer. However, episodes 9-10 slowed down and gave more insight into what makes them tick. Eun Oh isn’t just a typical cold kdrama lead with a hidden fuzzy side. He’s actually never really had a mother. He did everything he could to be her son, but she was too wrapped up in her pain to be there for him. Despite, her huge failings he feels guilty and wants to give her the peaceful life she never had. Eun Oh’s true nature is generous. Even  after finding out his time with Arang  would be short, instead of shutting her out he wants be good to her now and then send her to heaven.     

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Arang and the Magistrate (AATM), but I’m still really enjoying it. The story is awesomely complex, suspenseful, and lots of fun.  Some people complain about lack of romance, but I’m happy the story is taking center stage. My last drama-crack was Big. I cared tons for  the couple, but the plot…not so much. If AATM’s story holds up till the end I’ll be so glad to have another drama on my shortlist of those with a good story. Don’t get me wrong. Lots of dramas are entertaining, but not many have anything important to say. Not many really make you think and struggle. So far the writers have paced the drama very well and soon enough we’ll get to lovey-dovey territory. Plus, Jun Ki and Min Ah have unmistakable chemistry (*sobs). When the drama goes there we’ll appreciate it all the more. By the way, Jun Ki should wear this IN EVERY EPISODE. Click the read more link for the larger, more glorious picture 🙂 

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