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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I feel really um…confused. This episode was kinda disjointed. Episode 7 was slow, but felt comfy. Episode 8 was a soup of things I like and don’t like. It’s hard for me to piece together so I’ll just talk about the characters.

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“Main tumse pyar karti hun” means I love you in Hindi.  I’ve been into Bollywood films for the past couple months and Shahrukh Khan, aka SRK or the King of Bollywood has found a place in my heart. So far I’ve seen him in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (The Courageous One Takes the Bride) , Kutch Kuch Hota Hai (Something Happens in My Heart), and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (A Match Made in Heaven).  SRK isn’t someone I’d immediately mark as handsome, but he just too awesome. He’s got talent, charisma, can dance, cry on demand, has dimples, and puppy dog eyes.  He just gives off this happy-warm-lovable vibe. If you haven’t tried Bollywood before or were turned off by something else, I’d recommend Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi first. You can see it on Netflix, rent it on Youtube, or buy it cheap on Amazon. It’s basically a much sweeter version of The Nutty Professor. I’ve seen the Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy versions, but I only fell in love with Shahrukh Khan!


Gong Yoo is such a good actor. Can’t you see the pain in his eyes?

Well, that and the juice I just drank. But, seriously I just watched episode 6 of Big and my stomach is all sour and worried. In this episode Kyung Joon is back from the U.S. confident that he has almost bridged the gap been being 18 and 30 years old. He actually seems close to equal with Da Ran. What concerns me is that he keep saying Da Ran is the only one who truly knows him and that’s why it can only be her to help him. However, Kyung Joon is wrong. Ma Ri, his loyal stalker, knows him best. There’s a cool moment when she gets sand in her eyes and sees Kyung Joon instead of Yoon Jae through her blurred vision. It’s awesome, but scary for my ship, KJ and DR. And then there wasn’t an episode 7 preview! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. I know I’ll be stalking Koala’s Playground daily for spoilers. Kdrama, why must you vex me so!

Official Website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/big/

I feel the need to gush about Big, the Korean drama, not the 80’s Tom Hank’s flick. It stars Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) and Lee Min Jung (Smile, You). I was supposed to be studying, but like all crack-dramas it’s got me searching for anything Big-related. In a nutshell, Big is the story of 18 year old Kyung Joon whose body is switched with 30 year old Yoon Jae during a car accident. Yoon Jae is in a coma and stuck in Kyung Joon’s body, while Kyung Joon has to learn to be an adult and his teacher Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) is engaged to Yoon Jae. It’s like a comedy/coming-of-age/romance/fantasy show. Sounds kinda weird and potentially stupid, but it’s not. The characters are really endearing and you never know what’s going to happen next. I highly recommend it. Also, Gong Yoo is super dreamy…You can watch it on Viki or Dramafever.


Is anyone out there still crushed about Ron Paul? Recently Rand Paul, his son, endorsed Romney causing anger and hurt feelings in his supporters. And there’s even talk that Ron Paul has sold out to help his son or to maybe get a cabinet position for himself. I just can’t believe it. Ron is not a perfect man, but his record shows he cares more about principles than getting power. As for the GOP race, I knew it would be difficult for Ron to win with each passing primary/caucus where there were reports of votes not being counted and Ron Paul supporters being shut down at conventions. It was plain that the republican establishment wasn’t going to have it. Ron would ruin their fun with his integrity and stubborn adherence to his values. Ron Paul isn’t really a politician, more like  a super-citizen that decided to take the liberty message as far as possible. So, I’m not too hurt or surprised that, excepting a miracle, Ron Paul won’t be our president. Our system is very corrupt and can get away with fixing elections. Many people are more interested in The Voice or the NFL than in the politicians wasting our money, sending our young people to die in undeclared wars, invading our privacy, and refusing to secure the southern border. However, the liberty movement should never stop. Ron Paul wants LIBERTY to be the star of the show. I love him and all, but my desire for limited government, sound money, and  adherence to the Constitution doesn’t end with him. I want to keep telling my family and friends about liberty. I want to keeping donating to true limited government candidates. And maybe one day I’ll make time to be a part of a real campaign mailing out mailers, making phone calls, and standing by the polling station with fliers. So, all you saddened paul-ites look at that crowd and remember it’s about the message, not the man.


What should I write in my first post? My name is Nikki and I want write about whatever I want. Basically, I’m an info-junkie and all of that information needs a place for my brain to unload. Poor souls at work, home, and church have to occasionally listen to my fact/opinion explosions and maybe this will help everyone out. So, there. This is my first post. By the way, it’s called Free Speech Forever because I believe our right to free speech is the most important human right. It is tied to just about every other human right. For now I’ll spare you the lecture and call it a night.   

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