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Monthly Archives: July 2012

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Well, I’m glad I don’t have the Travel channel, cause my must-visit list would be way too long. I was looking at an old Traveler magazine and found an article about Slovenia. It is incredibly beautiful, low-key, and not very well known. I like that.  When I went to Paris in 2003 I whined about seeing  so many Americans.  It was a little silly to feel that way considering I was there as well. If I go to Slovenia that will not be a problem. Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria. It has a little coastline on the Adriatic Sea. In Slovenia I would go hiking in the Alps (err…not too high though), sail on Lake Bled, eat a lot, visit a castle,  take pictures of old-time looking farms with cute sheep, soak at a sauna, and cross the border into Italy at least once. Here a a few more tantalizing photos 🙂  Continue reading


If you know anything about Bollywood movies, you’re sure to know about Shahrukh and Kajol. They’re the equivalent of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, or Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (ouch). According to the internet they’ve starred together in 6 movies, including Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge, which ran for over 15 years in theatres! This movie couple’s chemistry is AMAZING. I’ve even had to look away during the more intense parts, not that they ever kiss! I’m currently watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (taking a break since its 3.5 hours!) and just had to stop and post about them. Also, I’d love to meet someone like Shahrukh. He comes across as this perfect blend of manliness, vulnerability, charm, and devotion with eyes that stare in your very soul. Superwoman from youtube was right. Bollywood movies are EVIL!

Well, after watching Big’s finale I wanted to do a little post on my favorite kdrama couples. This are the 5 that made me anticipate their every interaction, die from the cuteness, crumpled and stomped on my heart, and made me believe in love. Here they are in the order that I viewed them.

Han Gyul and Eun Chan– The Coffee Prince couple made me laugh, swoon, and feel exhausted. I remember walking around my apartment feeling as if someone stuck a blower drying inside my chest and set it on high heat. I was amazed at how much I felt their pain, especially Han Gyul’s (Gong Yoo). I needed them to be together so badly, despite wanting to marry Han Gyul myself. It was awesome and I won’t forget them.

Chae Kyung and Shin– Okay, the Goong/Princess Hours couple was probably infuriating for many kdrama veterans. However, Goong was only my third OTP (one true paring) ever and I was completely smitten by the story and the couple. I found Chae Kyung completely endearing and sympathetic. And I just begged Shin to open up to her. He could be really mean, but I kept rooting for them. I still think about them sometimes!

Eun Ho and Dong Jin– The Alone in Love couple was very unique in dramaland. They had already been married and divorced, yet stayed friends. They thought their friendship was simply out of habit, guilt, and because of sharing a terrible experience.  Eun Ho and Dong Jin didn’t know their need for each other wasn’t just a crutch hindering future relationships and happiness. Alone in Love wrecked me good.

Chae Ohk and HwangBo (Naeuri)– What can I say…Damo sits like a thorn in my heart, but I want it there. Chae Ohk loved someone else, but would lay down her life without hesitation for her Naeuri. Naeuri was noble, intelligent, brave, and responsible, but would throw all  his accomplishments away for a slave. In fact, dying for her would be an honor. DAEBAK.

Yeo Chi and Yoo Bang– I luft my History of the Salaryman couple so so so much. They were hilarious and each scene crackled with their spunky chemistry. Sadly, I think they were cheated out of more romance/cute times because Jung Gyu Woon, the sculpted-handsome-man, was one half of the other couple. I smell beauty discrimination!

I just finished the last episode of Big and my heart is all fuzzy with love and a sweet feeling of fullness. I love the Da Ran+Kyung Joon couple. They conquered their fears and chose to love each other. Yes, you could say this happens in every drama. However, Big was different for me. Da Ran and Kyung Joon made me believe in true love that overcomes family disapproval, an age gap,  body switching, a comatose fiancee and amnesia. Sounds crazy, but it’s not. The Hong Sisters grounded this show with two genuine people experiencing a normal wonderful love. Was everything else perfect? No. But, I prefer to appreciate how much I cared about our couple and that happy rush I felt watching the new episodes each week. And Gong Yoo, I LOVE YOU.

I just finished episode 15 and whew! That was very slow, but well-acted. No one was stupid, thank goodness. And the ending was perfect. Da Ran is AWESOME. This OTP keeps proving their worth! But as this show winds down I’m building a wall around my heart against disappointment. How will Da Ran have a relationship with Kyung Joon in his body after being married to his brother’s body, Yoon Jae? It may not be illegal, but it’ll be very hard for the families to accept. But onto my prediction. After seeing the episode 16 preview, I think Kyung Joon’s body is going to die. His mother looks very worried and they keep showing the screen with his vital signs on it. And where will he be? Maybe Yoon Jae will step aside in the limbo-water-place and tell Kyung Joon to take his place. Whatever happens I just hope Kyung Joon is happy and alive.  

So, about twice a year I become obsessed with bridal gowns and such. There’s no romance happening in my life whatsoever (besides living vicariously through kdrama), but I love bridal fashion anyways.  Very soon  I’ll tire of it, but for now I wanted to show you the Marielle Beaded Lace Cap by Enchanted Atelier. Isn’t it too lovely? Enchanted Atelier makes couture bridal accessories. You can visit their site by clicking on the photo. 

Okay, there’s this young adorable Korean-American guy on youtube whose life’s mission is to make you smile; especially girls 😉 I really like his videos and find myself grinning throughout. However, I don’t recommend his shirtless videos. I don’t need that image in my head (I wanna be SAVED) and also b/c he’s my younger brother’s age! But, anyways…Amos will make you smile so check it out! I’m still smiling.