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I posted another video and this one is about my bitty nail collection.


My deepest, most ardent wish for my appearance is to have good skin. I want it even more than 20/20 vision and my eyesight sucks! However, like big feet or crooked teeth you get what you get. I’ve had acne from 17-26 years old and been on pills, tried Pro-Active, and all kinds of products. For the past 9 months my skin has  improved with breakouts usually limited to that time-of-the-month. I think these two products have really helped and maybe they’ll help you too.

CeraVE Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM (has SPF 30) and PM– The BEST lotions ever. My face has gotten softer, smoother, and less dry. It also feels so good.  I bought it at CVS for about $12-14 each. Sometimes there’s discounts if you buy them together.


Bare Minerals– Believe the hype people. The foundation provides excellent medium-coverage. I have acne scarring and didn’t need to buy the concealer. The warmth powder (a blush/bronzer) is good too. If you like a natural look Bare Minerals will help you look pretty and professional. It’s best to find your exact shade at a Bare Escentuals store, but you can find excellent deals on ebay (I refilled my foundation for $16 and it lasts a LONG time) or find small kits on the website and info about the shades. Also, you’ll want to use their Full Flawless brush (made of goat hair) or other high quality brush.