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Recently, I seem to love places no one I know has been to. Now it’s Bali.  It’s a beautiful island of Indonesia, where according to Anthony Bourdain, you can eat pork because of its mostly Hindu population. Me like pork. Anyways, I’ve been researching activities and hotels. Yeah, I know…I need to study. Here’s a few more pictures. 

Yes, that’s pig skin. Lovely, crispy, pig skin.


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Well, I’m glad I don’t have the Travel channel, cause my must-visit list would be way too long. I was looking at an old Traveler magazine and found an article about Slovenia. It is incredibly beautiful, low-key, and not very well known. I like that.  When I went to Paris in 2003 I whined about seeing  so many Americans.  It was a little silly to feel that way considering I was there as well. If I go to Slovenia that will not be a problem. Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria. It has a little coastline on the Adriatic Sea. In Slovenia I would go hiking in the Alps (err…not too high though), sail on Lake Bled, eat a lot, visit a castle,  take pictures of old-time looking farms with cute sheep, soak at a sauna, and cross the border into Italy at least once. Here a a few more tantalizing photos 🙂  Continue reading