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I just finished watching the final episode of Dr. Who season 2. Talk about ripping my heart out! These people, the Doctor and Rose Tyler feel like friends. I won’t give anything away, but it got me thinking there’s a problem with U.S. television.

I was born here (the United States) and have been a dedicated TV watcher since I lived in Germany as a kid. The winters were mighty long and dreary.  I drank books like they were water through the week , but savored TV on Fridays (ABC network’s TGIF line-up yo!). Later back in the U.S. I moved onto teen soaps like Dawson’s Creek and Felicity. The horror that I ever liked DC! And the early seasons of The Gilmore Girls were great. I also found time for reruns like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Cosby, and Seinfeld, which became favorites. Then there was Lost. Saayid, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Too bad the last season was LAME SAUCE. I also enjoyed Monk for 3 seasons and Psych for about the same. However, since Lost did I ever truly love any TV characters? Was there any show that filled my heart with wonder or made me cry like a loon? As far as the other TV offerings its either vampires, 5 kabillion crimes shows, “reality” shows, or comedies and soaps saturated with sex and crude humor.  Sure, there are a few well written and acted shows out here and I haven’t seen everything, but there’s nearly nothing the whole family can watch.

But, then KDRAMA came along. Continue reading


The other night I had this weird idea to recap Arang and the Magistrate just using haiku poems. I was inspired by Lee Seo Im’s poems in ep. 12 and also by a WANK challenge that Simon and Martina did on their eatyourkimchi channel. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a poet, but I thought it would be kinda bizarre and fun to do.

What I didn’t get to say about this episode, was that it was ACTION-PACKED with the perfect combo of suspense, angst, and funny. Also, is Lee Jun Ki wearing eye-liner? His eyelashes are short, but look darker. He is SO PRETTY and manly. Gahhhh!!!

Here is my review of Arang and the Magistrate, episode 12. Check it out. Or not. Whatever you wanna do.